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  • Eastern to fly again
  • SpiceJet operations canceled
  • American unveils newest heritage jet
  • New Canadian ULCC orders 737s
  • Lufthansa low cost airline approved

Eastern to fly again
December 19 2014 — Jan Fernandez
The newest airline of the USA has taken delivery of its first aircraft, bringing the Wings of Man back for the first time in nearly 25 years.

SpiceJet operations canceled
December 18 2014 — Jan Fernandez
India's fourth largest airline has been losing money for years, and for the first time, it's facing the consequences.

American unveils newest heritage jet
December 17 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Photos of a certain American Airlines plane started showing up on the internet on Monday, which ended up being a brand new heritage livery.

New Canadian ULCC orders 737s
December 15 2014 — Jan Fernandez
A new ultra low cost carrier is coming to North America. While it hasn't even started service, this Canadian airline now has some shiny new planes on order.

Lufthansa low cost airline approved
December 4 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Lufthansa's Supervisory Board formally approved the German airline's plans to start a new low cost airline on Thursday, despite the pilots' wishes against it.

Azul launches international service
December 3 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Brazil's third largest airline launched its first international service on Tuesday, a big accomplishment. However, it wasn't a short hop to a neighboring country — it was an eight hour flight to the US.

US, Mexico update aviation agreement
November 22 2014 — Jan Fernandez
The United States' aviation policy has gotten more and more liberal since 1992, when the first Open Skies agreement was signed with the Netherlands. Since then, over 100 countries have signed Open Skies agreements with the US. However, one country in particular doesn't seem to be quite ready for that.

Delta shrinks Memphis again
November 21 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Memphis is back in aviation news, and Delta is piling the dust on the city.

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