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About Jan's Aviation

Jan's Aviation is a news website covering the commercial side of aviation. We strive to among the first to break news stories while simultaneously keeping our facts straight. We pride ourselves in being factually correct with every story we report.

Jan's Aviation was founded in November 2012 and is based in North Carolina.

We currently have local sites operating in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Virginia.

Our first local site, Jan's Aviation North Carolina, launched in May 2013 under the name Concourse E Aviation. When our second local site, Jan's Aviation Pennsylvania, launched around the end of July 2013, Concourse E was renamed to its current name.

2014 also came to a good start as Jan's Aviation Virginia launched in February. From there, we cover Virginia and the two Washington, DC airports that are located in Virginia.

Jan Fernandez
Jan Fernandez is the founder of Jan's Aviation. He has been on planes all his life, starting from his first flight at six months old. Since then, he's learned much more about aviation and takes flight lessons at Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem.

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