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Allegiant pilots cancel strike
Jan Fernandez — April 1 2015
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(Image Source: Allegiant Air)

Allegiant's pilot union, Teamsters, threatened on Thursday to strike for one day later in the week — but the nation's most profitable airline used the law to their advantage.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1224 threatened to cancel over 250 of Allegiant's flights on Thursday, its first big move over an issue that has been ongoing for two and a half years. The union alleges that their benefits have been "illegally rolled back over a two-year period" and that it violates the Railway Labor Act.

"Striking is a last resort, but we cannot continue to stand by a company that flaunts the law by robbing the pilots of legally protected rights and benefits. The company has to restore the status quo that it illegally took from us," said Tom Pozdro, an Allegiant pilot. In January, 98% of Allegiant's pilots authorized a strike in a vote.

However, the strike would affect at least 33,000 customers — too big a number for Allegiant, which is carrying more passengers for the spring break travel season. As a result, the airline sued its pilots. Allegiant said the strike was not legal because the two parties had not tried all possible ways to end their conflict. The National Mediation Board ordered the two groups back to the bargaining table and required the pilots to cancel their planned strike. Their next meeting, which would be federally mediated, will happen later this month.

The case is available here:

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