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Austrian rebrands to myAustrian
Jan Fernandez — March 28 2015
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(Image Source: Austrian Airlines)

Austrian Airlines will become the latest carrier to change its livery soon, but it seems out the new colors are more of an update than a complete overhaul.

The first aircraft to receive the new colors, which change the brand from Austrian Airlines to myAustrian, is OE-LBC. The A321 left the paint shop in Bratislava, Slovakia on March 26.

The new livery makes the aircraft seem even more plain. The blue color, which went across the belly and encompassed the engines, is gone — the belly is white and the engines are partially red. For the titles, "my" is printed in black in a different font than the rest of the logo. Also, "Lufthansa Group" is printed over the back windows.

The rebranding was supposed to be announced on March 26, but the crash of a Germanwings plane by the copilot forced the company to delay the announcement until April 1.

As revealed last December, April 1 is the same day that Austrian and Tyrolean Airways plan to merge. Tyrolean initially operated Austrian Arrows when it was first purchased, but a few years ago, Austrian transferred all of its aircraft to the smaller carrier due to a labor dispute. All of Austrian's aircraft, except for one 777, are registered to Tyrolean.

On that day, Tyrolean will cease being a company.

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