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"Cactus" to disappear on April 8
Jan Fernandez — March 23 2015
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(Image Source: Jan Fernandez)

More than two years after the initial proposal, American and US Airways will finally become one airline in the eyes of the FAA.

Since last year, American has estimated that it would receive a single Air Operator's Certificate sometime between April and June. In more recent press conferences, officials have mentioned that a single operating certificate, or SOC, would come in early April. Having an SOC would be a huge step towards finalizing the merger.

John Hale, Vice President of Flight, records a hotline for employees every week. The latest recording mentioned the SOC coming in early April.

However, an internal company memo confirmed the date to be April 8, according to sources. The memo seems to have been sent only to the airline's pilots, as employees in other departments have not received any similar messages.

On that date, US Airways will no longer exist as an airline. As a result, it will lose the "Cactus" callsign, along with its ICAO code AWE. Cactus was originally America West's callsign, but stayed after the merger with US Airways.

As the two carriers become one, other forms of integration will take place, too. The pilots started a new program to better align cockpit operations and procedures. It should be completed later this year.

On the reservations side, another important issue is the integration of the Dividend Miles program into AAdvantage. The process is scheduled to happen on Saturday.

The next month and year will be exciting for the new American Airlines.

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