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Copa orders 737 MAX
Jan Fernandez — April 10 2015
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(Image Source: Boeing)

A longtime Boeing customer placed an order for more than 60 aircraft, a record deal for its home country, Panama.

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney was at the Seventh Summit of the Americas on Friday, a meeting for 35 American countries, to sign a deal with Copa's Pedro Heilbron. In attendance were US and Panamanian presidents Barack Obama and Juan Carlos Varela, respectively.

This deal, worth $6.6 billion at list prices, is for 61 Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9s. It also cancels five orders for older 737 models. It is the largest deal in history between a Panamanian and a US company.

With the exception of its 26 Embraer 190s split between the Panamanian and Colombian airlines, Copa has been all-737 since 1986. The newer aircraft will replace some of its current fleet and to expand its hub.

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