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Delta to expand fleet if pilots approve contract
Jan Fernandez — June 10 2015
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(Image Source: Paul Wesp)

If Delta's pilots ratify a new agreement, the carrier will expand its mainline fleet — and it will add a new aircraft type.

An agreement between the airline and the Delta Master Executive Council from ALPA was reached on June 4, and was approved on June 10. The agreement, which increases base pay and alters the profit sharing formula, will be put to vote on by the 12,000 pilots it would cover. The amendable date would be December 31, 2018 if approved.

Both the carrier and the union are optimistic about the agreement.

If the agreement is ratified, Delta's fleet would grow by 60 aircraft.

The carrier would acquire 20 Embraer 190 aircraft previously operated by Air Canada but currently held by Boeing. Similar to US Airways, these would operate domestic flights in the mainline fleet. The E190's entry into service is scheduled for late 2016.

Along with the E190s Delta will order an additional 40 Boeing 737-900ERs, bringing the carrier's total orders for the type to 140. These will replace older aircraft retiring through 2019.

Delta currently operates the E170, a smaller variant of the E-Jet family, through its regional airlines operating as DeltaConnection,

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