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German plane crashes into Alps
Jan Fernandez — March 24 2015
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Another tragedy occurred on Tuesday morning when a German plane crashed into the Alps, killing nearly 150 people. It is France's worst air incident in over 40 years.

Germanwings flight 9525 from Barcelona to Düsseldorf was the plane involved in the crash. Over a period of eight minutes, the aircraft descended from its altitude of 38,000 feet to impact. Contact was lost at 10:53am, nearly an hour since takeoff at 10am.

The Airbus A320, registered D-AIPX, crashed into the French Alps. According to the Transport Minister, it crashed in a location inaccessible to road vehicles. The debris is at an altitude of about 6,500 feet. The nearest town is called Barcelonette, located about eight miles from the crash site in Meolans-Revel.

The black boxes were found soon after 5pm.

Several employees were affected by Germanwings' first fatal accident. As a result, seven flights were canceled.

On board were 144 passengers, two of which were lap infants, along with four flight attendants and two pilots. There are no survivors.

Seven members of the French BEA and three from the German BFU were sent to the crash site to investigate. Both Lufthansa and Airbus acknowledged the incident. Aircraft and helicopters were circling the crash site.

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