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New Transaero livery officially unveiled
Jan Fernandez — May 22 2015
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(Image Source: Boeing)

Transaero has taken delivery of its newest aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 — and with it the carrier unveiled a new image.

In early April, spotters revealed that Transaero would be adopting a new livery soon. Images surfaced of a 737 in colors different from the Russian airline's current colors but with Transaero titles. This livery looked very similar to the finished version, with a few minor changes.

The new livery and branding was originally planned to launch in late 2014, but the collapse of the Russian economy forced the carrier to postpone those plans. One of the changes that occurred as a result was the decision to implement the brand gradually, instead of having a large marketing campaign and a quick integration.

The decision to rebrand was made in late 2013 and StartJG had designed the livery in mid-2014.

The livery will be applied to all new aircraft deliveries, but repainting the existing fleet is likely not a priority.

EI-RUR, the newest 737-800, arrived at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport on Friday. The 737 received a water salute upon arrival. Inside the aircraft, the white antimacassars have the new Transaero logo. White "TRANSAERO" titles adorn the aircraft's dark blue underbelly.

Service for the new jet is planned to start next week.

"To the future together" is the carrier's new slogan, according to CEO Olga Pleshakova, referring to Transaero's family values and the modernization of its branding.

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