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One pilot exited cockpit on Germanwings flight 9525
Jan Fernandez — March 25 2015
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(Image Source: Sebastien Mortier / Wikimedia Commons)

According to an official involved in the investigation of the fated Germanwings flight 9525, one pilot was locked out of the cockpit during the plane's final minutes.

Before the Airbus A320 began its descent of almost 4,000 feet per minute, Captain Patrick Sonderheimer exited the cockpit. The reason why is unknown.

However, when the pilot returned, he was unable to reenter. At first he knocked, but the light knocks grew into heavy slams against the cockpit door, which didn't open.

Andreas Lubitz, who was flying the plane, did not respond. During this time, an alarm went off. The copilot was breathing throughout the last ten minutes, indicating that he was alive. It's possible that the door had been locked, but based on the lack of response from the cockpit, it's likely that the copilot intended to crash the plane.

The fact that the pilot in the cockpit was unresponsive when the other pilot tried to return could be connected to the lack of any distress calls or signals.

Germanwings flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps on Monday, killing all 144 passengers and six crewmembers on board. The cockpit voice recorder was found and is being analyzed by French authorities.

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