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Stabbing at New Orleans airport
Jan Fernandez — March 20 2015
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The knifeman lying on the ground, injured (Image Source: Farah Stockman @fstockman / Twitter)

A security incident occurred at Louis Armstrong International Airport on Friday night, closing down Lousiana's largest airport.

Just after 8:30pm, a man at the Concourse B security line stabbed two people, including two TSA officers. The offender, named Richard White, was armed with a machete and wasp spray. Upon arriving at a scanning machine, he sprayed a TSA officer and proceeded through. He cut a female officer in the arm with his machete and began to chase another officer, who called for backup. He was shot three times.

After the incident, everybody began to evacuate. People panicked, especially when one person tripped and fell.

One man was apparently stabbed in his right arm. The TSA officer and the bystander were loaded onto stretchers. The female officer, who saved herself by using a piece of luggage to block the attack, was taken to the hospital on an ambulance.

The area is secured, according to the airport. The airport closed for 20 minutes, but Concourse B remained shut down.

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