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Turkish plane goes around, lands safely
Jan Fernandez — April 25 2015
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A Turkish Airlines aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Saturday morning, an incident that caused no injuries or deaths.

Flight 1878 from Milan-Malpensa to Istanbul attempted to make an uneventful landing around 10:20am at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, but failed to do so at the last minute. With just a few feet over the runway, the Airbus A320 rolled to the right, hitting the ground with the right gear and engine. The aircraft performed a go around. Around this time, a fire started in the right engine.

TC-JPE, the aircraft operating the flight, had damage on the right wing after the incident.

The pilots declared an emergency and landed at about 10:40am. The aircraft went off to the right of the runway, after the right gear collapsed on touchdown, spinning in the grass. Firefighters came to the plane to extinguish the fire.

All 97 passengers on board evacuated safely. Buses came within a few minutes to take everyone to the terminal.

Turkish Airlines is investigating the incident.

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