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Venezuela may lose another connection
Jan Fernandez — March 20 2015
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According to comments made by a European airline's leadership, Venezuela could be losing another link to the outside world.

Last year, Alitalia stopped flights to the South American country for a month. The cancellation was extended until September, when Alitalia restarted two weekly flights.

CEO Silvano Cassano, along with CCO Ariodante Valeri, said that the airline's flight from Rome to Caracas would end in March.

Cassano and Valeri joined the Italian flag carrier in 2014 when Etihad purchased 49% of the Italian airline. Both had been CEOs at other Italian companies prior to being hired for the new Alitalia.

Cassano also made comments regarding Alitalia's Latin American destinations. The carrier has no intention of abandoning its Brazil flights, which carried over 300,000 passengers in 2014. There is also a possibility of a new destination being launched soon; Bogotá and Santiago de Chile were mentioned.

Whether or not Alitalia becomes the next foreign entity to upset Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is unconfirmed, but it's not impossible or even improbable. As the airline tries to bring itself out of the red, closing Venezuela — where they had $185 million as of one year ago — won't hurt.

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