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No long haul for Ryanair
March 19 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Once again, Ryanair has decided that it won't start any flights to North America — despite saying it would only three days before.

Lufthansa pilots continue strike
March 18 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Lufthansa's attempt to lower costs and better compete are backfiring, as pilot strikes continue to a third day — costing the airline several millions of euros per day.

FAA certifies sixth jet engine producer
March 18 2015 — Jan Fernandez
For the first time in 23 years, the FAA is certifying another company to produce jet engines.

New Malaysian airline orders Bombardier jets
March 17 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A new Malaysian carrier announced an order for 20 new aircraft at an airshow on Tuesday, allowing Bombardier to enter the region.

Ryanair closer to flying transatlantic
March 16 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Ultra low cost transatlantic flights are a tiny step closer to reality as Ryanair's board approved plans for service on Monday.

Regional jet lands without front gear
March 14 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A United Express flight was forced to land without its front landing gear on Saturday, fortunately leaving nobody hurt.

New Uruguayan airline receives first plane
March 11 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Uruguay has wings again as its new airline, Alas Uruguay, received its first aircraft on Wednesday.

People Express evicted from office
March 9 2015 — Jan Fernandez
It looks like People Express is finally dead, after being forced to leave the airport grounds.

Aircraft overruns runway in India
March 8 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A small SpiceJet aircraft overran the runway after landing at an airport in the Karnataka state Sunday evening.

Corsair still for sale
March 6 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Despite a promise to keep its brand separate from Air Caraïbes, Corsair employees aren't willing to be bought out.

Delta plane skids in New York
March 5 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A Delta Air Lines flight was unable to stop after landing at the snow covered LaGuardia Airport on Thursday.

Smoke fills plane in Denver
March 4 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A US Airways flight was forced to evacuate after landing on Wednesday after smoke filled the cabin.

Aircraft skids on landing in Nepal
March 3 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A Turkish Airways aircraft skidded off the runway after landing, leaving no one injured but closing thr Kathmandu Airport.

Jiangxi Airlines given approval for launch
March 3 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Jiangxi Airlines, a venture between Xiamen Airlines and Jiangxi Aviation Investment Company, was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China on Tuesday.

Little Red slots now attainable
March 1 2015 — Jan Fernandez
In March 2013, Virgin Atlantic announced its new domestic carrier, aimed at bringing down prices. Now that Little Red is ending, the slots it was using will go up for grabs.

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